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For his clients, Ned focuses his experience on planning and strategies to support their goals.  Ned is discrete and professional.  He will be a capable, respectable and effective representative for you. 

For decades Ned has been licensed as an Attorney admitted to the California State Bar.  For high school he lived at and attended the Webb School of California, he went to the University of Southern California for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, and then graduated from the University of Santa Clara Law School with a Juris Doctor Degree. 

Ned supports his clients with personalized service.  Based upon the client’s individual goals, Ned assembles and directs the appropriate group of specialists to achieve the client’s objectives.  Whatever your goals involve – asset protection; structuring corporate and limited liability entities; business creation or purchase; real estate ownership, operation or development; agriculture and farms; or any other US based business activity or undertaking – Ned will assemble a top notch team of specialists uniquely suited to achieve your objectives.  Ned is the person who directs all of the business efforts of his support teams.  He is an experienced team leader and project manager.  Ned’s thorough knowledge of business operations, law and economics enhances all of the projects he undertakes.  

Ned has coordinated hundreds of complex business transactions.  He is a seasoned negotiator who has successfully finalized transactions valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Ned is a seasoned international traveler with substantial world travel experience.  Ned is frequently consulted and called upon by major investors, developers, attorneys, and other professionals to support their goals, structure transactions, review contracts, handle presentations, and insure that goals are met.  His skills have been refined through years of involvement in business transactions.  Ned has developed a keen ability to perceive risk factors, assess relative risk importance, and develop appropriate action plans to achieve the goals established by his clients. 

You have come to this web site either by invitation or referral.  Since you have that personal connection, Ned encourages you to not hesitate to contact him directly for a free consultation about your goals or needs. 

You can rely on Ned’s ethical standards, knowledge, experience, and problem solving skills.  Use the “Contact” tab on this website to start your communication with Ned, and to get a telephone conference appointment set up. 


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